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is an attitude, mindset, and work you can be proud of! We want to cultivate our knowledge to speak to and help others around us with this Podcast.

4 Week At Home Workout Program


Are you ready to make a change in your body and health even though the gyms are closed but don’t know what to do?With this “At Home Workout Program” You will only need a set of bands and a pull up bar.  We have links in the program bar to buy the equipment needed for about $70 using our Amazon Affiliate Link.  If you have any questions before you buy, let us know!

Video links are assigned to all exercises in Week 1 of the program to demonstrate proper technique. 

Use links on your desktop or in ibooks on your mobile device.

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Blue Collar Fitness features Josh Sargeant, Trevor Powers, Connor Burton, and Dave Shepp. Three personal trainers and a life coach on a mission to help inspire other personal trainers and training clients become healthy & fit. Our current disclaimer is we do not know what the hell we are doing but we hope you enjoy our show!

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